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Beware! Email/text phishing scam afoot in wake of Target breach

We are getting reports of scammers (posing as a bank or credit union representatives) emailing or texting consumers, trying to get them to release social security numbers and more, under the veil of “protecting” card users from the recent Target stores data breach.

Beware! These messages are a phishing scam in an attempt to steal personal information. Please ignore these messages and do not provide private information to anyone such as your card number or pin. We at Point West would NEVER ask for this information in this way, nor would any other financial institution. Please be assured that your personal and financial information is secure with us. If you receive a message that you believe is suspicious, please call us at 503.546.5000 (888.468.5826) to verify its validity. Thank you for your vigilance, and thank you for your membership!

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