5 Ways to Calm Financial Stress

Financial stress is so common that certified financial planner Katie Lindquist says almost every client she has tells her they are feeling it. “They don’t know what they should be doing with their money, and they feel like they should know. They feel shame around their money habits, which is a huge driving force of stress,” Lindquist says. To alleviate … Continue reading

Will Rental Housing Prices Drop in 2024?

An ongoing boom in apartment construction has helped slow down rental inflation — but renters shouldn’t expect prices to drop dramatically from their pandemic-padded highs. That means affordability will remain the dominant narrative in rental housing in 2024. The combination of a pandemic economic rebound, a longtime shortage of rental housing stock and high interest rates on mortgages created a perfect storm … Continue reading

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Bank Accounts

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closets or attic. It can apply to your finances, too. Taking the time to do a deep clean of your spending and deposits can help ensure you’re using minimal effort throughout the year to meet your saving and budgeting goals. Here are a few steps to take when you’re ready to spring clean your … Continue reading

The Best Time for High CD Rates Might Be Right Now

The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet, Inc. does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments. Competitive rates on certificates of deposit have started to dip this year. If that trend continues, you might have a savings decision … Continue reading

So You Got a Raise? Here’s What to Do With the Money

Whether it’s a 5% increase or a 20% bump, a pay raise at work is an opportunity to take charge of your financial priorities. A small raise might not seem like much when it’s broken down into a biweekly paycheck, but over time, that difference in income could provide a boost to your lifestyle or be put toward other financial … Continue reading

5 Questions That Can Help Guide Your Holiday Tipping

Service workers help make our lives easier throughout the year — whether it’s by keeping our lawns immaculate or babysitting during date nights. The holidays are an ideal time to show gratitude for the work they do throughout the year. But how much do you tip service workers during the holidays, and whom should you prioritize? Etiquette experts have answers to these … Continue reading

5 Steps to Creating Financial Boundaries During the Holidays

Marketing ads, family functions and holiday gift-giving culture can make it feel impossible not to spend, or for some, overspend. According to a 2023 survey from NerdWallet, around half of Americans (52%) incurred credit card debt when shopping for gifts during the holidays last year, and almost a third (31%) of them still haven’t paid it off. While giving can be … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Navigating Today’s Digital Tipping Culture

The nearly universal experience of finding yourself face-to-face with a checkout counter screen asking you to select an amount to tip for service can prompt a cascade of awkward questions: How much should you tip on a $5 coffee if anything? How can you decide before the cup has even been poured? Is it rude to select “no tip,” then … Continue reading

Commuter Snapshot: Most Workers Hit the Roads as Costs Increase

People who drive to work day in and day out have likely grown weary of hearing about the growth (and then partial reversal) of working from home. The rising costs of their commute no doubt add insult to injury. The share of people working from home increased dramatically in 2020 and remains higher now than before the pandemic. But the … Continue reading

Head Into Shopping Season Ready to Manage Spending and Debt

Retailers once again have begun their bid for consumers’ attention with big sales early in fall. A longer holiday shopping season lets you spread out expenses, but it also could lead to overspending. Danetha Doe, founder of financial education company Money & Mimosas, said in an email, “It’s easy to go into unplanned debt during this time because many of … Continue reading

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