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Privacy Policy Notice

Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Our privacy policy has not changed and you may review our policy and practices with respect to your personal information at pointwestcu.com or we will mail you a free copy upon request if you call us at 503.546.5000. Thank you for your membership.

UPDATE – Posting Errors and Available Balances

Read our initial post here We have confirmed with our third-party processor that all erroneous pending transactions have been cleared from member accounts and all incorrectly posted transactions have been voided. Any fees assessed as a result of this situation should be reversed and resolved by end of day tomorrow, Friday 11/18. We are continuing to monitor member accounts and … Continue reading


Point West was made aware this morning of a significant error with our third party processor which caused debit transactions dating back to May 2021 to repost to member accounts. While they attempted to correct the issue immediately, many of your accounts may show significant amounts of pending transactions, or transactions may have actually posted, resulting in your accounts showing … Continue reading

5 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping This Season

This holiday shopping season is shaping up to be longer, pricier and in some ways more chaotic than in previous years, which makes it easy to overspend. But there are also opportunities for significant savings if you know where and how to search for them. “There are supply chain issues, inflation, major retailers reducing inventory — when you put all … Continue reading

How Generational Trauma Affects Your Finances and How to Heal

There are a lot of conversations on and off of social media about breaking “generational curses,” which essentially means healing from generational trauma. And part of healing from generational trauma involves changing our relationship with money. What is generational trauma? With generational trauma (also called intergenerational trauma), emotions and behaviors linked to adverse — even terrifying — events are passed … Continue reading

This Black Friday Promises the Gift of Fewer Supply Chain Issues

Logistics in general, and supply chains in particular, weren’t something Black Friday shoppers thought about much. Until the pandemic hit and empty shelves were where baby formula, produce and, yes, toilet paper once stood. Are we past shipping bottlenecks, clogged ports of entry and long-haul trucking issues? How will supply chains and inventory levels impact Black Friday bargains? There is … Continue reading

3 Common Credit Myths That Could Damage Your Score

Financial misinformation is rampant, and it could be hurting your credit score. A new NerdWallet survey finds that Americans hold many misconceptions about their credit, some of which could seriously damage their scores. Here are three common credit score myths and how to guard against them. Myth 1. Leaving a balance on your credit card is good for your score This is … Continue reading

Black Friday Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint. Here’s How to Win

Black Friday has transformed from a one-day event into sales spanning two months. Retailers are wasting no time. Target Deal Days popped up last Thursday through Saturday. Walmart rolled back prices yesterday and will keep them rolling through Thursday. And Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale runs today through tomorrow. While it might seem too early for holiday shopping, this is … Continue reading

BEWARE of phishing attempts!

We’ve received reports from a few members receiving text messages from non-Point West phone numbers. These are phishing attempts by third-parties posing as Point West to gain access to your information. Point West will never ask for member information via text. Please be assured that your personal and financial information are secure with us. We also recommend viewing this document … Continue reading

Scheduled Maintenance – 10/12/22

On Wednesday, October 12th during the hours of approximately 8:00pm PST through 2:00am PST, our core system provider will be performing routine maintenance on our critical systems. During that time, you may experience interruptions with our website. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we update our systems to better serve you, our members.

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