5 Steps to Creating Financial Boundaries During the Holidays

Marketing ads, family functions and holiday gift-giving culture can make it feel impossible not to spend, or for some, overspend. According to a 2023 survey from NerdWallet, around half of Americans (52%) incurred credit card debt when shopping for gifts during the holidays last year, and almost a third (31%) of them still haven’t paid it off. While giving can be … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Gift Card Purchases: A Holiday Shopping Reminder

We’ve received reports of scammers tampering with gift cards on store shelves. These individuals remove the cards, jot down the card information, and cover the scratched-off PIN to make them look brand new. When a shopper purchases and loads the card, the scammer can swiftly steal the funds, leaving the buyer with an empty gift card and a sense of … Continue reading

5 Strategies for Navigating Today’s Digital Tipping Culture

The nearly universal experience of finding yourself face-to-face with a checkout counter screen asking you to select an amount to tip for service can prompt a cascade of awkward questions: How much should you tip on a $5 coffee if anything? How can you decide before the cup has even been poured? Is it rude to select “no tip,” then … Continue reading

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Commuter Snapshot: Most Workers Hit the Roads as Costs Increase

People who drive to work day in and day out have likely grown weary of hearing about the growth (and then partial reversal) of working from home. The rising costs of their commute no doubt add insult to injury. The share of people working from home increased dramatically in 2020 and remains higher now than before the pandemic. But the … Continue reading

Head Into Shopping Season Ready to Manage Spending and Debt

Retailers once again have begun their bid for consumers’ attention with big sales early in fall. A longer holiday shopping season lets you spread out expenses, but it also could lead to overspending. Danetha Doe, founder of financial education company Money & Mimosas, said in an email, “It’s easy to go into unplanned debt during this time because many of … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Credit Scores Retire

Getting rid of debt before retirement is often a good idea. Getting rid of your credit scores? Not so much. People who stop using credit also stop generating enough data to produce credit scores, the three-digit numbers used to gauge creditworthiness. Not having scores can make it harder and more expensive to get loans. Even if you’re sure you’ll never … Continue reading

How to Stay Safe From Financial Scams

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to protecting yourself from financial scams is thinking you’re too smart to be duped by one. “We’re all vulnerable — we can all fall for a scam given the right set of circumstances,” says Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit organization that … Continue reading

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