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We stand with our fellow members

Point West is owned by the people we serve, our membership. This collective group elects Volunteers to serve on the Point West Board of Directors to fulfill and perpetuate the credit union's mission and goals.

Help Shape the Future of Point West Credit Union

Volunteer Philosophy & Responsibility

Serving as a volunteer Board or Supervisory Committee member is a commitment to advocate for the membership, demonstrated via a commitment towards continuous learning and regular volunteer hours.  Specific training in governance, industry trends, financial literacy and Supervisory Committee duties give a strong foundation for volunteer initiatives.

Pete Hand, Point West’s Board Chair, says:

“I am honored to be a part of and work with three different groups of people as the Board Chair at Point West. First, are our fantastic members who have been the foundation of the Point West community for 89 years and counting. Second, are the executive team and employees at the credit union who do the hard work every day to serve our members by providing financial education, prudent financial management and community engagement. Lastly, are the highly skilled and motivated group of volunteers on the Board and the Supervisory Committee that contribute their time and varied expertise to aid management, act as a conduit to the members and formulate the strategic direction. It is only through the combined efforts of these three (overlapping!) groups that Point West can strive to being a vital and important community of membership. Thank you all.”

Volunteers serve three-year-terms, and meet monthly to perform the following primary functions:

  • Provide strategic direction for the credit union.
  • Promote the Credit Union’s growth consistent with its vision, core values and long-term objectives.
  • Advocate for, and communicate with the membership.
  • Monitor performance of the CEO for short term objectives and long term goals.

Volunteers are an accessible resource, here to represent Point West members and guide the management team.  If you are at least 18 years of age and a member in good standing, click here to express interest and learn more details.

A Word from the Board of Directors

Our beliefs start at the top of our cooperative structure with the vision and guidance of our board of directors. These beliefs are integrated into every part of our mission and organizational makeup: to pursue financial empowerment for our members and member businesses by embracing our cooperative roots and providing exceptional service rooted in equity and inclusion. Our volunteers believe the diversity of opinions, histories and experiences that each member brings to our credit union makes us stronger.

Point West Credit Union has for decades stood beside underserved communities – in fact, it’s part of our history and unique story. In a 1991 merger, we welcomed the membership of the Portland NAACP Credit Union, enriching the diversity of our membership and increasing our outreach to an underserved and underrepresented part of our community. In 2004, we merged in the members of Hacienda Community Credit Union, and brought on board bilingual/bicultural staff and members, and a commitment to providing products and services to the Hispanic/Latino community, including non-citizens. These actions, along with changes in local demographics and credit union members, is a part of our cooperative’s evolution, and no doubt will continue to be.

Regardless of race, creed, age, nationality, gender or socioeconomic status, we stand with everyone who calls Point West home. As member-owned organizations, credit unions in general, and Point West in particular, have always advocated for their members and their rights. This was true over 85 years ago when Point West was founded to serve Multnomah County employees and their families, and it’s true today of a Point West serving 10,000 diverse members and stories across the Portland Metro area.

We will continue to seek out constructive conversations to build shared understanding, and to work together with all members to create not only the best credit union possible, but the best community for all of us to live in and thrive.

Board of Directors

  • Peter Hand, Board Chair

    Member since 2018. Volunteer since 2018

  • Oscar Porras, Vice Chair

    Member since 2017. Volunteer since 2022

  • Kristy Mayer-Mejia, Director

    Member since 2018. Volunteer since 2018

  • Fernando Velez, Director

    Member since 2017. Volunteer since 2022

  • Cynthia Novelo, Director

    Member since 2021. Volunteer since 2021

  • Sonya Judd, Director

    Member since 2023. Volunteer since 2023

  • Monica Santoyo, Director

    Member since 2023. Volunteer since 2023

Supervisory Committee

  • Stephanie Shao, Supervisory Committee Chair

    Member since 2018. Volunteer since 2018

  • Katherine Hart, Supervisory Committee Member

    Member since 2021. Volunteer since 2021

  • Ali Hussain, Supervisory Committee Member

    Member since 2021. Volunteer since 2021

  • Samantha Downing, Supervisory Committee Member

    Member since 2023. Volunteer since 2023

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