Your Point West VISA credit card just got a security upgrade! Introducing SecureLock.

Your Point West VISA credit card already has many features you’ve come to love, including ScoreCard Rewards Points and no annual fee. Now, add to that list enhanced security as well.

With the addition of the EMV chip on your credit card, you have greater security with what we call card-present fraud. Bad guys now have a much more difficult time stealing your card information, duplicating a card and using it. Starting 6/30, we are improving our fraud security for card-not-present fraud, as well with a new feature called SecureLock.

When it comes to your VISA credit card, fraud alerts for your transactions are generated based on a probability model using a neural network and rules engine to determine if the transactions seem like your typical spending habits… or if it appears someone has hijacked your card. Sounds fancy, huh? It is. Now we are going to put you in more control through real time text messaging via SecureLock. Should you have a fraud alert on your credit card account, we will send a text message to your mobile phone number that you can reply to immediately; If you are at a merchant and reply YES authorizing the transaction, chances are it will clear on the spot! If it’s not you, a NO reply stops the unauthorized transaction dead in its tracks.

Should we receive no response to the text message within 30 minutes, we will call your mobile number first, then your home number. Lastly, we will send an email to the email address on file for your account.

The text message or Short Message Service (SMS) message will contain your Financial Institution (i.e., Point West), the last four of your account number, and information about the suspicious transaction which triggered the fraud alert. Additionally, it will provide you with options to confirm the activity as valid or as unrecognized. The SMS is free to you.

In a world where data breaches and card fraud have become routine, we’re committed to providing you with the security and tools to help you keep your card fraud-free. SecureLock is another step toward keeping you informed and in control of your Point West VISA credit card – but you’re not alone either. Our Member Service team is standing by to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues related to your credit card or other Point West accounts. Contact us at [email protected] or at 503.546.5000 today.

We are truly stronger together. Thank you for your membership here at Point West Credit Union.

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