The Credit Union Difference

Being a member of a not-for-profit credit union is a smart choice. Being a member of Point West is an even smarter one.

Credit unions like Point West are invested in their community – not in the stock market. We provide high-quality products and services to our members at affordable rates while eliminating barriers to access and helping build better habits for the future. And we believe in an inclusive and equitable model, where we work to lift up the underserved among us, including immigrants, communities of color, and small businesses.

While not all banks are built the same, by and large they are for-profit and their mission above all is to provide a return to their shareholders. Our mission is to pursue financial empowerment for our members and member businesses by embracing our cooperative roots and providing exceptional service rooted in equity and inclusion. Learn more about our mission and impact here.

Nothing is more powerful to elected officials than when they hear from their constituents. Your voice, as a member of Point West Credit Union, is more effective than any paid bank lobbyist could ever be. Express your thoughts by calling, emailing or even writing a letter to your elected officials.

Join us as we continue to advocate the Credit Union Difference. As one of 115 million credit union members across the country, your voice matters.

Thank you for your continued membership with us. We look forward to continuing to share opportunities with you to reach out to your elected leaders in the months and years ahead.

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