Member Call to Action: Voice the Credit Union Difference!

As member-driven cooperatives, credit unions do not have stockholders, so earnings are returned to members. In Oregon, this amounted to $170 in savings in 2012 for every member household, compared to the costs bank customers paid. The not-for-profit structure is why credit unions have the tax status they have.

The very banks that were subsidized by taxpayers to the tune of nearly $215 billion, are now calling on 1.4 million Oregonians to give up the benefits they are getting as credit union members. Credit Unions are under attack and we need your voice.

It takes 10 minutes (or less) to find your Senator or Representative, and send them a note (we’ve developed a form letter you can update).  Click here to send a message to your legislator today and urge them to support credit unions and reject attempts to limit consumer choice.

Point West employees are vigilant and active on behalf of the Point West membership. On March 13th, six employees traveled to The Capitol, joining 300 other credit union advocates from Oregon, to champion the Credit Union Difference.

Click here to see your Point West Advocates in action. We will continue to project a strong voice supporting the cooperative model, loans for small businesses, lower loan rates and fees and financial education in our community.

Join the greater credit union cooperative in Oregon. Share Your Voice as a member of credit union with the Legislator representing your district.

From Our View, our time is NOW. Let’s make a difference for the future of Oregon Credit Unions.

-Nick & Amy

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