Call for Volunteers + Volunteer Interest Session

At the heart of every cooperative is a governing board of volunteers, derived from its membership. These volunteers are tasked with ensuring their organization is fiscally sound and focused on serving members now and into the future; the same is true here at Point West. Our mission-driven and dedicated volunteers serve on our board of directors and supervisory committee, guiding the strategic direction of Point West’s future, while ensuring the safety and soundness of the cooperative.

As Point West moves toward 90 years of service, we give thanks for the collaboration of our volunteers, staff and community partners who help bring access to affordable products and services to the most marginalized members of our community.

As Point West navigates evolving consumer needs and pursuits of innovative solutions to all of our members, we seek the diverse and vibrant voice of our community to shape our future.

We need member volunteers willing to enrich our strategic conversations and ensure the direction of Point West is relevant, purposeful, and beneficial to our entire cooperative. We want members who actively use our technology, products and services so we may learn how to improve your member experience.

Volunteer Interest Session

On Tuesday, January 7th from 12:00pm – 1:00pm, we will hold a simultaneous Online and In-Person Volunteer Interest Session. Here you’ll get answers to your questions regarding the volunteer process. RSVP with your session preference to Tammie Houston at [email protected].

Volunteering for your credit union is rewarding, educational, and gives you the opportunity make a real impact for your fellow members and larger community. Please contact us at [email protected] for a volunteer application packet and additional information.

Thank you for membership. Self-governance by our members is essential to our cooperative, and your participation will ensure Point West remains strong for years to come.


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